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We deliver IT infrastructure that just works.

Wouldn't it be nice if you could stop spending so much time, budget and people fixing IT issues and instead focus on innovation? 
TenFour.  We Got This.

"If there is a better way to do it, find it." - THOMAS EDISON

We Did.

Learn how the future of IT will fundamentally change the way you do business.

"I'm so excited that TenFour continues to demonstrate the cyber security benefits of utility infrastructure services. It's awesome to see how they reduce risk for enterprise teams while also reducing their overall cost."
Dr. Edward Amoroso, CEO TAG Cyber and Former Chief Security Officer of AT&T

You can't get this kind of innovation just anywhere


Meet the new digital expectations of customers by launching new applications.


Enhance customer engagement with new go-to-market strategies like refined store layouts, in-store pickup and returns and concierge services.

Attract Talent

Attract top-level talent by focusing on innovative technologies and challenges.

Increase the pace of innovation

Increase the pace at which innovation is rolled out by aligning more of your precious IT resources with business initiatives instead of managing boxes and wires.

This is your IT domain.
What if you could focus on the strategic priorities, knowing that your foundational IT platforms just worked?

What's Your Next Big Idea?

New interactive store applications? Have an IoT project with a strong business case that will transform how you manufacture? Looking at how AI can improve your customer experience? Well, what if you had more time, budget and people to focus on the things that will transform your industry?


Flexibility and agility — you need it to keep pace with your business. What if you easily turn up and down private domain IT infrastructure, such as routers, switches, wireless access points and IoT endpoints? What if you could easily — and quickly — change your IT environment?

Digital Future

Digital Vision
Data Analytics
New Customer Engagement Models
New Products and Services
IoT Applications
Artificial Intelligence

Application and User Experience (OSI Layers 5-7)

Application Development
Application Delivery
Enterprise Software/SaaS
Platform as a Service (PaaS)
General IT Security
End-User Software
End-User Computing
Mobile Devices
End-user Help Desk

Genius Magnet

How will you recruit those highly in-demand IT resources if you are going to be asking them to spend their time on managing boxes and wires and not on the latest technology?

Cost Less to Operate

What if you could buy IT that scaled with your business so you pay for what you use — like you do with electricity or water?

We've got this.

Foundational IT Platforms (OSI Layers 1-4)

Wide Area Network (WAN)
Local Area Network (LAN)
Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC)
Data Center (DC)
Network Security (NetSec)
Physical Infrastructure (PI)


Largest retail co-operative in the US reduced operating costs by 20%

One of the largest retail co-operatives of supermarkets in the U.S. leveraged TenFour to gain technological competitiveness, improve in-store customer experience, and reduce operating costs by 20% per location per month.

You'll be able to...

...lower your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by up to 30%.

...focus on delivering digital analytics, new applications, new customer engagement models, and new IoT initiatives rather than "keeping the lights on."

...respond with unprecedented agility to business needs with infrastructure that just works.

...count on greater reliability and a fortified security posture driven by simplification and zero-cost technology refresh.

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