Wide Area Network

In today’s fast-paced global economy, it’s more critical than ever that your business be able to react to market forces as quickly as possible. That’s why TenFour designed a Wide Area Network (WAN) service that connects an organization’s many locations, including global headquarters, branch offices, data centers, and the Cloud. No matter where each site is located, we keep you connected.

TenFour’s WAN provides wired and wireless access, encrypted VPNs, best-in-class physical components such as routers, switches, and cabling, and detailed configurations proven to ensure the highest levels of performance and availability based on individual customer and site requirements. You no longer have to struggle with dozens of vendors, contracts, and compatibility issues because our WAN service is built to deliver everything you need in one streamlined service at a single price. And with our industry-leading SLAs for Time to Remediation (notice no averages), we put our money where our mouth is and you don’t pay if it does not work.

SD-WAN as a Service

As business needs have continued to evolve, so has TenFour’s service. In addition to the standard WAN service described above we also deliver Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN) as a service.

SD-WAN uses cloud-based centralized management, application classification, and optimization protocols to maximize the performance of your network, applications, and data, strengthen your security environment, and reduce your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). This approach results in a more cost-effective, secure, and flexible network solution that delivers automated, dynamic global connectivity at one simple subscription price per month.

Visit the link below to learn more about how TenFour’s SD-WAN solutions can transform your business operations.



Dedicated Internet

Managed Private Transport (MPLS) with SD-WAN enabled connectivity

Private Cloud Connection

Load Balancing

Remote Access


VoIP Transport

4G LTE Mobility

WAN Acceleration

Business Solutions


TenFour delivers a highly reliable, resilient, and comprehensive WAN with 99.999% availability. Our WAN includes routing and Layer 3 switching to ensure high priority traffic is routed quickly and efficiently. It facilitates local internet access for branch locations to relieve pressure on needing an MPLS network connection.

Flexibility & Scalability

Our WAN service uses proven reference architectures that reduce the total number of implementation variables. That means you can seamlessly expand or reduce the size of your network quickly and securely. We monitor your network so as we see trends go up, we make recommendations for additional capacity and help prioritize business critical applications.


By standardizing the WAN design with our reference architectures and pairing the service with our streamlined lifecycle management and maintenance programs, we are able to leverage our expertise to eliminate hidden costs. With TenFour, you know up front what you’re getting, and how much it will cost, whether it’s tomorrow or three years later.

End to End

At TenFour we understand that an organization’s WAN is the foundation upon which all of its most vital business and operations are built. That’s why our WAN is designed to easily connect with and support all other applications of the infrastructure delivered by TenFour.

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