Unified Communications & Collaboration

The future of your business depends on the freedom to communicate and TenFour is dedicated to providing it. From internet-enabled telephones to high definition video conference equipment, instant messaging to team collaboration software, our Unified Communications & Collaboration (UCC) service delivers all of the hardware and software components that comprise your communications environment in one streamlined, subscription service at a single price you pay per month.

Our UCC service integrates all of the features you need into one dependable, secure, and scalable communications control and management solution that allows anyone within your environment to communicate on their own terms at a fixed price. Our up-front pricing for each service component includes all of the design, equipment, installation, monitoring, remediation/repair, and administration costs involved in its deployment, as well as future proactive refresh and replacement of outdated gear.

And we don’t just install the UCC service and leave you to manage it. We monitor its health 24x7x365 to ensure it’s always running at its best and automatically upgrade components with the most up-to-date technology according to a pre-planned, proactive schedule. We make administration quick and simple by handling routine changes to preferences, the addition and removal of users, and all the software and hardware updates so your IT department can focus less on maintenance and more on new initiatives.

Adaptive Solutions

We offer three fully dedicated UCC solutions, each able to be tailored to different needs and environments.

Solution #1: Hosted

Ideal for organizations with up to 30,000 users, our on-premises UCC service delivers various phone, video, chat, and conference capabilities in a dedicated, redundant solution tailored to your operation. This solution can also be hosted in TenFour’s data center.

Solution #2: Hybrid

Perfect for smaller environments with up to 250 users, our hybrid UCC service includes a suite of cloud-enabled call features and functions without sacrificing the performance and visibility enabled by local area network connections.

Solution #3: Cloud

Best suited to organizations with up to 1,000 users, this solution monitors and coordinates secure phone traffic via internet connection to local hardware to deliver a complete collection of call functions and features via cloud-based applications and services.


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Web Conferencing

Instant Messaging

IP Voice Gateways

Contact Center

Benefits for Business

By combining the features and functionality of a custom solution with the simplicity and ease-of-use of a subscription service, our UCC service delivers the following benefits to your business.


Our UCC service is regularly updated with the latest software and patches, and refreshed on schedule with the latest hardware. We use fully redundant and rigorously tested components to reduce the equipment variables and ensure systems work together without headache or hassle.

Flexibility & Scalability

No matter where your organization is located or if you have 30,000 or 100 users, our location-agnostic UCC service is designed to adapt to your organization’s unique environment and needs by standardizing equipment, consolidating systems, and evolving with your business.


Our UCC requires no internal support from your IT department, and because we provide the service as a no-risk subscription we decrease not just the hard costs, like capital investment in hardware, but the soft costs, like project management, design, repairs and more.

End to End

Excellent communications are an important part of your future infrastructure, but UCC alone doesn't make a business successful. That’s why, in addition to UCC, we deliver our subscription service across every facet of your business’s IT infrastructure:

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