Physical Infrastructure

As so many business functions move to the cloud it can be easy to think that the digital world is beyond the need for physical components. But the truth is that your organization depends more now on its physical IT infrastructure than it ever has before. From office buildings to data centers, manufacturing plants to warehouses, all organizations rely on IT infrastructure—cables, wires, servers, racks, distribution panels, and more—to deliver the vital services and applications they need to stay competitive.

That’s why TenFour delivers all of the critical components that comprise your business’s physical IT infrastructure as a streamlined utility service designed to provide optimal performance at a reduced cost. We eliminate complexity and technology debt by providing you with a suite of rigorously tested, high quality modular components that are selected and deployed according to the specific circumstances in which they’re needed.


Digital Signage

Paging Systems

As-Built Drawings

Structured Cabling

Security and Camera Systems

Business Solutions


Your organization’s physical IT infrastructure is as important as the nerves in your body; if they’re not working, nothing is. That’s why our components are selected according to the highest quality specifications and rigorously tested to ensure they provide maximum availability and resiliency.

Flexibility & Scalability

We not only help build the IT infrastructure your organization needs now, but expand or reduce that infrastructure as your future needs change. And because our other IT service platforms—such as WAN, LAN and Network Security—are designed to work in concert, they can be added to support all aspects of your IT infrastructure.


By combining our standardized approach to component selection and testing with industry best practices in design and configuration, we’re able to build reliable IT infrastructure that provides consistent performance and reliability at a single, predictable cost.

End to End

At TenFour we understand that your organization’s physical infrastructure comprises the foundation of your operations, but it’s only as useful as the IT applications that rely on it. That’s why we deliver every facet of your business’s IT infrastructure as easily integrated utility services:

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