Network Security

Data is the currency of the digital world and the success of your business depends on keeping it safe. But the reality is that threats to your organization will only continue to increase in number, danger, and cost. Surface attack areas become more numerous and complex with each new application, data capture, and IoT edge device and you need to somehow secure and protect them all. Bad actors are going to try to infiltrate your network, but TenFour is ready with a Network Security (NetSec) utility service designed to repel them at every turn.

We embed each facet of your IT infrastructure at the Host and System layers with security measures to provide complete network visibility and detect suspicious activity. Our service features AAA, NetFlow, SGT, 802.1X, patch management, and syslog—all as core capabilities. On top of this, we offer additional advanced cyber security services as consumption-based TenFour IT Units (ITUs) that provide best-in-class, next-generation firewalls, security management, and command and control functions.

With our NetSec service protecting your underlying infrastructure, your IT team can focus their real-time security efforts on the more vital and vulnerable inner layers: Applications and Data.


Access Control Policy

Network Admin Control

Network Embedded Firewall

On-Prem Firewall

Intrusion Detection

Secure DNS

Malware Filtering

Web Security


Business Solutions


Our feature-rich defense system quickly identifies zero-day attacks using next generation technology with near real-time updates for intrusion prevention, advanced malware protection, and URL filtering. And our U.S.-based Network Operations Center is working around the clock to make sure any attempt to infiltrate your network is stopped at the door.

Flexibility & Scalability

The threats to your network are constant and evolving. We integrate your current security monitoring and analysis system into our service, which is designed to be modular and flexible, with specific performance and availability standards established for your network capabilities and business requirements.


As cyber security threats increase, the costs incurred stopping them will only continue to rise. TenFour has simplified the implementation, operations, administration, and ongoing lifecycle support process to ensure maximum efficiency and consistency.

End to End

All of the elements of your digital environment depend on each other, but NetSec ensures each element is threat-free and able to perform as desired. In addition to NetSec, TenFour delivers the following services as utilities, all designed to work in harmony and transform your business :

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