Local Area Network

Your business’s success depends on fast, reliable connections between your computers, applications, and data and the employees, equipment, and customers that rely on them. TenFour’s Local Area Network (LAN) utility service delivers the highest quality wired and wireless networking capabilities to computers, devices and machinery close to one another in a variety of locations, such as an office building, college campus, manufacturing facility, and more. Our LAN enables a consistent workflow free from interruption by seamlessly incorporating all of the connections, network security, and backup features you need into your organization’s IT infrastructure. And by installing WiFi-enabled, wireless components as part of your LAN to provide increased bandwidth and flexibility, your IT department is able to imagine and implement new applications capable of delivering the innovative customer experiences that will set your business apart.

Although our LAN service provides the highest level of reliability, it also helps mitigate disasters and downtime by facilitating data and application backups according to your compliance framework. Instead of managing dozens of computers and devices individually, TenFour makes it easy to monitor the status of networked devices and troubleshoot them from our 24x7x365 Network Observation Center (NOC), no matter where the issue arises. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that the network infrastructure on which your business depends is always operating at its best?


Proxy Servers

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IP Address Management

Active Directory

Business Solutions


TenFour delivers a highly resilient, and comprehensive LAN with up to 99.999% availability. Our equipment refresh keeps pace with new technology so you don’t have to worry about compatibility or licensing. And because TenFour maintains code version control for all operating systems and software, changes to these code bases are always tested prior to being delivered in a proactive and orderly fashion.

Flexibility & Scalability

We engineer our LAN utility service using proven reference architectures that reduce the number of variables and allow you expand or reduce the size of a network quickly and securely. We handle all changes to your network’s infrastructure and permissions and should you need to expand your organization’s infrastructure to encompass multiple LANs, TenFour’s service is able to seamlessly integrate every network into one overarching framework.


By standardizing the LAN design with our reference architectures and pairing the service with our streamlined lifecycle management and maintenance programs, we are able to leverage our expertise to eliminate hidden costs. And because we include an automatic equipment refresh in our LAN service, you don’t need to make new capital expenditures, or struggle with vendors to get the best price.

End to End

The LAN that bridges your devices, computers, and machinery is a building block of your infrastructure, but only one facet of your organization's success. That's why our LAN is designed to easily integrate with our other platforms and provide you with greater visibility, control, and cost efficiency:

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