Internet of Things

In the past decade, the number of connected devices in our world has grown exponentially. Wearables, automobiles, sensors on manufacturing lines, and even refrigerators can now communicate with each other through the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT has become a new layer of communications on top of the Local Area Network (LAN) that is already managing traditional web-based services and internet access.

As enterprises roll out Machine-to-Machine applications and add IoT devices to their LAN, how do they manage those devices and the information they are sending across the network? Visibility becomes difficult since they’re all running quiet technology in the background which can easily turn to “out of sight, out of mind.” These machines and devices still need to be monitored for responsiveness, defects and traffic patterns so that your network can adapt. It’s critical that the data those IoT systems are collecting become the lifeblood of your new digital world.

That’s why TenFour provides a turnkey solution for the deployment of IoT devices within your enterprise. We are not the cool IoT application vendor. We don’t build the advanced end-points such as those embedded in automobiles or used to remotely monitor patient healthcare. We are the company that builds, manages, and monitors IoT infrastructure while decreasing cost and unplanned downtime. Your IT department may be able to tell you the cost of managing a switch, but that doesn’t apply to IoT applications. Does your IT department have a plan to sustain your IoT initiatives at a large scale? That’s where we come in.


Device Connection

Data Sensing

Wired and Wireless Communication

IoT Edge Controllers/Gateways

Application Server

Management Server

Business Solutions

IoT-enabled enterprise infrastructure

We are establishing a hierarchical controller strategy that enables us to manage the entire IoT infrastructure, including edge computing devices, the network infrastructure, and the transmissions that traverse the network.

Extensible platform and services

We use the same management infrastructure to administer IoT devices and enterprise IT environments.

Edge computing support

We support the physical infrastructure to provision and maintain edge computing in IoT networks.

Intelligent Analytics

We leverage advanced operational analytics to understand what is going on with customers’ IoT infrastructures, algorithms, and applications in real-time. These operational analytics provide key insights, for example, alerting staff when more processing power will be required at the edge to support increased demand.

End to End

At TenFour we understand that an organization’s IoT focus is vital to digital transformation, but it can’t operate properly without a strong and reliable IT infrastructure foundation. That’s why our IoT platform is designed to easily connect with and support all other applications of the infrastructure delivered by TenFour via its various utility services:

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