Data Center

The term “Data Center” is often equated with the compute, storage and associated network infrastructure required for delivering applications and business capabilities for organizations in almost every industry. As business models evolve in the Digital Age, the need to run systems and applications 24x7x365 is also increasing. The economic shift to a Cloud-first strategy is providing opportunities to improve compute, storage and operational efficiencies but is also challenging IT organizations with the dilemma of maintaining legacy compute systems and Data Centers while transforming business models that can adopt new Cloud-based applications and services.

With TenFour’s Data Center service, we deliver all of the infrastructure associated with your Data Center no matter where or how you need it: private, public, or in the Cloud. We can even implement and support infrastructure inside your private Data Center. We work with 17 Data Centers around the U.S., where we implement private Data Center in a public facility. Or we can connect you to any Cloud Data Center you choose via private connectivity in our Wide Area Network (WAN) solution. Most enterprises choose a combination of all three, making TenFour uniquely qualified to meet your needs.


Server & Hypervisor Operational Support

Virtualization/ Consolidation

Private Cloud

Virtual & Physical Servers

Storage Administration & Support

Core Switching

Colocation & Hosting

Connectivity Optimization

Business Solutions


TenFour only partners with best-in-class Data Center hosting facilities which offer 99.999% reliability along with 24x7x365 remote hands for on-site support. Our facilities offer a carrier neutral network exchange to enable high capacity interconnections with any of the major public Cloud providers.

Flexibility & Scalability

Our private Cloud infrastructure integrates with private and multi-domain public Cloud providers. This enables a full integration or transition of applications and data between private and public domains. Customers have a choice of implementing a private or a Hybrid Cloud Strategy which may present opportunities to significantly reduce overall IT spending.


TenFour’s utility based financial model enables organizations to build the compute and storage initially required and then scale accordingly as business needs change. This provides customers with a hybrid consumption model and frees up their capital to facilitate their own business growth.

End to End

At TenFour we understand that an organization’s Data Center does not function alone. That’s why our Data Center platform is designed to easily connect with and support all other applications of the infrastructure delivered by TenFour via its various utility services:

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