At TenFour we believe in the power of new ideas to unlock opportunity. That’s why we’ve taken the scalable, on-demand, usage-based cloud model and applied it to private domain IT infrastructure.

No Risks, No Surprises, One Price.

Routers, switches, wireless access points, cables, phones, you name it. What if all of these elements, plus the design, installation, maintenance, and more, were available in one all-in subscription service at one simple price per month? By “cloudifying” the remaining parts of their IT environment, we help CIOs focus on transforming their operations as the organization moves into new markets, acquires competitors, and changes its model to accommodate fresh technologies and customer expectations.

The best part? There’s no minimum commitment required and no risk to you as your environment expands or shrinks. Regardless of the IT infrastructure components or platforms you purchase from us, or if needs change in one day or six months: if you no longer require our service we will retrieve the equipment and terminate your subscription. We take back everything, except cable wiring, without hassle or penalty.

Flexible & Scalable

Zero Commitment

Single Price

Nickel & Diming


You're tied to a rigid contract
over a long term.
You’re charged for
everything up front.
Every new asset means more capital and yet another trip to the CFO for approval. Hello, technology debt!
It doesn’t work? Get ready to keep paying or even waste money fixing it, all while resources are diverted to chase down vendors and solutions.
Need to make an administrative change? Prepare to be nickel-and-dimed. Need it fast? Prepare to wait.

Agile & Comprehensive


You get the flexibility, but without the commitment.
You can start or stop at any time.
You’re not charged until everything is turned up.
No more paying for idle assets.
You pay as you use, and we automatically refresh infrastructure components, so it’s always current. Goodbye, technology debt!
If it doesn’t work, you don’t pay for it. If something goes wrong it’s our responsibility to make it right.
Things are always changing. We like change! That’s why our quick response to change requests is a guaranteed part of our service.

Built How You Think About IT.

We deliver our private domain IT infrastructure service in packages designed to align with your needs and evolve dynamically as your business grows and changes. No matter how many employees you have or what kinds of technical solutions you need, you pay one simple price per month. This means that you can not only plan changes to your business with a clear view of the impact on your IT budget, but you can develop future plans with confidence that we’re prepared to adapt.

Example: Unified Communications & Collaboration as a Service

Your private, hosted UCC solution is delivered as a monthly subscription service priced per employee, so you know exactly how your costs change as you scale up or down.

Example: Local Area Network as a Service

All wired and wireless elements of your private LAN are delivered to a location as a monthly subscription service priced per connection.

Example: Retail Store as a Service

Your small or large retail store’s private domain IT infrastructure—including WAN, LAN, Network Security, UCC, Physical Infrastructure, and Internet of Things platforms and support—is delivered as a monthly subscription service priced per location.

One Monthly Fee, Everything Inside. Period.

Surprises are better left to parties, not your IT budget. That’s why our monthly subscription is delivered at a predictable, all-inclusive cost that covers everything in your service.

There are no more hidden costs for truck rolls or administrative changes. No more nickel-and-diming for environment changes. We give you one simple bill that you never have to worry about decoding, or negotiating for unexpected charges. If you hire new employees or open new sites, we tell you exactly how much it will cost. Our monthly subscription prices are tailored to your environment and include everything you need for its end-to-end lifecycle.

Included in all Subscriptions

Embedded Services


Current state assessment & future outcome measurement


Need-based hardware & software, with automatic refresh


Always-on remote monitoring, ticket creation & network inspection


Day 2 system changes & proactive maintenance


Always available team of remote & onsite experts


Frontline cyber security built directly into the IT infrastructure

Hard & Soft Costs

  • Executive Dashboards & Reporting
  • Training
  • Infrastructure Design
  • Contracting
  • IT Management Systems
  • Auditing
  • RFP Management
  • Single Point of Accountability & Vendor Management

Additional Features

  • Customer Success Baseline & Tracking
  • Automatic Technology Refresh
  • 24x7x365 US-Based Network Monitoring
  • Administrative Changes
  • Proactive Maintenance
  • Deep Technology Expertise
  • Project Management
  • Real SLAs (If it doesn’t work, you don’t pay.)
  • Performance Analysis
  • Monitoring & Reporting
  • Physical Infrastructure

Flexible Options that Adapt to You.

Our monthly subscription is designed to provide maximum flexibility without sacrificing performance, but if your environment is stable and you can anticipate its long-term operating requirements, our annual subscription option delivers optimal IT infrastructure performance at reduced cost throughout the duration of your contract. We offer the freedom to mix and match monthly and annual service subscriptions that serve your business operations best.

Example #1: Merger & Acquisition

A manufacturer has acquired a new company and is in the process of merging their facilities and operations. The transition plan is being finalized, but which locations will remain open is yet to be determined and all require IT infrastructure support for the foreseeable future.


The manufacturer is uncertain which locations will remain operational, so it uses our flexible monthly subscription to provide the necessary IT infrastructure.


When the environment stabilizes, the manufacturer converts its remaining sites to the annual subscription to enjoy extra savings on their IT infrastructure service.

Example #2: Resource Reallocation

A retailer is in the process of consolidating its brick-and-mortar stores to reduce regional redundancy and experiment with new layouts while creating new opportunities with “pop-up” locations that frequently open and close in diverse locations.


The retailer is uncertain which stores will remain open and how new pop-up locations will perform, so it uses our monthly subscription for optimal IT infrastructure service while deciding their future.


The pop-up stores keep their monthly subscriptions to retain vital flexibility, but the remaining stores convert to annual subscriptions for extra savings on their IT infrastructure service.

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