All IT execs are on their own digital journeys.

Are you one of the leaders or are you falling behind?

Digital transformation is a complex endeavor,
but we're with you every step of the way.

Wondering how you'll get there? It depends where you're starting. Don't worry – we have a path for you.

You have
existing hardware
but it is not
reference architecture compliant
Transitional Managed Services

We leave your existing infrastructure in place until it is depreciated. Then, we migrate it to our IT Infrastructure Utility.

You still own it, but we operate it for you.

You have
existing hardware
And it is
reference architecture compliant

We transfer title, upgrade the infrastructure and move it into our IT Infrastructure Utility model. Your environment will be proactively refreshed – say goodbye to EoL.

We now own it and we operate it.

Your Hardware is
End-of-Life (EoL)
or your sites
are greenfield

We replace your current infrastructure with our IT Infrastructure Utility according to phases defined in the Catalyst roadmap. Your environment will be proactively refreshed – say goodbye to EOL.

We install ours and we operate it.

"Enterprise success depends on innovations that transform industries….These applications and tools—once considered disruptive—are now the new normal. TenFour’s IT Infrastructure utility simplifies the IT procurement model. As a utility, TenFour owns the infrastructure and makes it work.”
William Fellows, Co-founder 451 Research

What do you do next?

You start with Catalyst, a study that quantifies the business value we will provide and charts a roadmap for migration.

Learn how Catalyst works


We conduct an independent study of the current state of your IT infrastructure and operations. We compare this with your future IT needs — captured during a series of business and technological workshops — and appropriate Reference Architecture.

We quantify the business value we will deliver. What is our TCO impact? What flexibility and agility can you expect? What operational benefits will we deliver? We want to make sure we are delivering value. If we find we can’t save you money or make a substantive impact, you get to keep the current state findings and analysis.

We create a roadmap tailored to you. Our roadmap gets you to improved cost of ownership, agility and reliability. We measure them to show progress on all three.

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