You demand flexibility, rapid response, and an IT infrastructure that delivers business value, not just boxes and wires. You demand more than traditional solutions have been able to offer.

We're ready to exceed your expectations.

Our Customer

We work with innovators. Those who focus as much on business as on technology; as much on strategy as on operations. The leaders who want to make business innovation possible by enhancing customer engagements and differentiating in ways that grow their organizations like never before.

What Hat Are You Wearing Today?


Are you leading digital business innovation in your company? Are you looking for ways to develop information intelligence and new digital platforms to fuel growth? Are you partnering with your business colleagues to create new customer engagement models?

We seek to work with visionaries like you who are driven by being innovative. Leaders who know there's a better way to consume IT infrastructure that unburdens your resources so you can focus on the next big thing that will drive your organization's growth.

Perpetual Cost Cutter

Are you always pressured to lower costs? Are you challenged to find ways to make your IT infrastructure costs more predictable?

If so, you'll appreciate the simplicity of our consumption model where you pay only for what you use, when you use it. Now that IT infrastructure has moved to a Cloud-like model, OpEx budgeting makes it much easier for you to improve your balance sheet and have predictable spending cycles.

The Reluctant Mechanic

Do you often think about working on cool, innovative projects but find that most of your time and resources are spent keeping the lights on?

For the past 30 years, the IT department has been known as the tech mechanics, fixing boxes and wires and collecting mounds of data. What about using that data in real-time to create new, improved customer engagements? The value of IT departments has shifted dramatically to become more critical than ever in driving strategy and an improved customer service experience. With TenFour on your side, you are free to build new customer experiences, rollout new capabilities, and be a champion of your company's digital vision.

Security and Risk Protector

Are you the guardian of your company's data and security? Are you tired of the absence of risk sharing in the traditional IT industry?

We were, so we decided to change it. Our model shares the financial, technical, deployment, and operational risk so you're not bearing all the stress. We aim to improve your security posture by reducing your surface attack area and never touching the data that's so crucial to your company's differentiation and success.

Demand More From Your IT Infrastructure

Wouldn't it be nice if IT infrastructure just worked?

What if the service were provided by a partner who used metrics to hold themselves accountable for delivering business outcomes? What if requests for changes to your IT infrastructure were done rapidly to synchronize with your dynamic business needs? What if you had 100% confidence that your urgent need was heard, understood, and would be resolved how and when you expected it to be?

This is our vision, too. We not only changed the rules of the IT industry, we decided to also change the experience.

Business Value Delivery

We not only keep the lights on, we are committed to delivering insights that can be applied directly to your business – and we provide metrics to hold ourselves accountable to delivering on our promises.

Problem Ownership

We don't just attend to problems, we resolve problems with confidence. And since we deliver IT infrastructure as a service, there is no finger pointing. We got this.

Validated Engineering

Our solutions are pre-engineered so that defects are reduced and reliablity is increased. It's IT that just works.

Personalized Service

Our deep understanding of your environment and business enables us to respond quickly, reduce risk and provide actionable insights that are tailored to your needs.

Rapid Delivery

Our services are delivered how and when you want them. We do it right the first time.

Simplified Billing

A contract that gives you freedom. A single bill that is simple and accurate.

Powering IT for the World's Best

We think our customers are the best. Find out how we were able to play a supporting role to their greatness.