Case Study

Largest retail co-operative in the US reduced operating costs by 20% across 350+ locations while building stronger customer engagement

Their Story


Modernize and integrate technology platforms to enhance the customer experience through new store navigation and location-based coupon applications to help a small business succeed in a big business world.

One of the largest retail co-ops in the US with over 350 stores and 70,000 employees had outdated technology. Their valuable IT resources were stuck fixing network and telephony outages instead of rolling out new features and applications. As as result, maintenance costs and downtime were increasing and new applications were delayed. They needed an IT infrastructure platform that delivered a technological competitive edge while reducing operating costs.

Opportunity 1

Centralized infrastructure and management

Opportunity 2

Ability to scale

Opportunity 3

Cost efficiency

Their Victory

Stronger customer engagement and increased business uptime

With a TenFour designed, installed, and operated IT platform, our client simplified their environment to a single source for all their IT needs. This end-to-end management across their Wide Area Network, Local Area Network, Data Center, and Unified Communications and Collaboration platforms resulted in streamlined and more agile operations with greater uptime. New voice and data infrastructure was deployed with tertiary redundancy, ensuring the highest level of reliability. New in-store applications were made possible with enhanced wireless capabilities. IT infrastructure costs became predictable with a pre-defined monthly bill and new sites had a known deployment and operating cost. End-of-life became a thing of the past due to predictable IT infrastructure refresh cycles.

Win 1

20% reduced operating costs

Win 2

Increased resiliency with tertiary redundancy

Win 3

Faster deployment of new apps

Win 4

10-12 new stores added per year

Their Secret Weapons

Proven Reference Architectures

Efficient expansion achieved with standardized deployments

Proactive Technology Refresh

State of the art design and proactively planned technology refresh

Synchronization between the business and technology

Rapid response to changes requested by the business