Case Study

It's time for improved team collaboraion – we hear you loud and clear

Their Story

The Challenge

Stronger communications for all.

This hearing aid manufacturer had a phone system that didn't fulfill the company's need for employee collaboration and lacked integration with their applications.

Opportunity 1

Small resource pool means little flexibility or time to focus on new technologies that help drive the business

Opportunity 2

Need a phone system that integrates teams and applications across the business

Opportunity 3

Need an infrastructure that supports the rapid response and applications needed to reach customers

Their Victory


A win-win for communications

An upgraded communications network internally meant stronger integration with applications and upgraded communications for users around the globe.

Win 1

Lowered operating costs

Win 2

Increased flexibility and scale to create new customer applications

Win 3

Application integration

Win 4

Time to focus on strategic initiatives

Their Secret Weapons

Expert Partner

TenFour not only designed and implemented the solution, but provided training to on-site resources

Business Value Focus

Integrated applications and resources focused on differentiation and improving customer experience

Technology Refresh

No more end of life communications equipment means less downtime