Case Study

Scalable and reliable network frees global commercial manufacturer to focus on transforming their business

Their Story

The Challenge

Time to break the chains.

This international firm manufactures, distributes, installs, and services merchandising and refrigeration systems for the commercial food industry. They were sold off by a parent company, but stuck with their antiquated network from an incumbent carrier.

Opportunity 1

Break free from inflexible parent network

Opportunity 2

Focus on growing business strategy vs. keeping the lights on

Opportunity 3

Increase uptime and visibility

Their Victory


Independence and cutting edge technology

We redesigned their network to ensure they didn't only stand on their own two feet, but soared past their competition.

Win 1

Lowered operating costs

Win 2

Greater visibility and co-management for control to make changes from any location at any time

Win 3

Technology refresh means no more surprises in the budget and no more outdated infrastructure

Win 4

Refocus on strategic initiatives

Their Secret Weapons

Ability to Plan and Scale

With visibility into dashboards and reporting, the company could proactively scale and change the IT infrastructure to meet business demands

Freedom to Innovate

With TenFour focused on keeping the lights on, the company could focus on critical business projects that increase revenues

Predictable Billing

Makes planning for the future easier with predictable spending