Case Study

Time to cut out all the middle men…and reduce costs by 20%

Their Story

The Challenge

Leonardo da Vinci had it right: simplification is the ultimate sophistication.

The voice telephone system for this global insurance firm was an assortment of services from different carriers. Each month, separate invoices needed to be reviewed, checked for accuracy, submitted to accounting, and paid. The bills lacked consistency and the amounts owed each month varied greatly. Since they did not have a unified WAN, this firm was not able to fully utilize the capabilities of their IP phone system.

Opportunity 1

Single vendor with an easy to understand and consistent bill

Opportunity 2

Reduced administrative work, resulting in more time to focus on strategic projects

Opportunity 3

Enhanced networking capabilities

Their Victory


Investing back into the company

With TenFour as a single source of accountability, they freed their resources, increased productivity and reduced costs by 20%. We implemented a new, simplified IT infrastructure that delivered not only best of breed technology, but resulted in reduced and predictable billing.

Win 1

Decreased voice services spending by 20%

Win 2

Increased flexibility and scale

Win 3

More time to focus on strategic initiatives

Win 4

Refocused resources

Their Secret Weapons

Decreased Monthly Spending

Capital was invested back into differentiating the business, enabling stronger growth

More Efficient Tools

Unified communications mean greater productivity for the team because of easier and better collaboration

Time Back

An estimated four to six "man-days" per month were saved because of the simplified billing and single source solution