Scott Alcott, Former Comcast CIO, Joins TenFour Board of Directors

Morristown, NJ – December 21, 2018 –TenFour, a provider of private domain IT Infrastructure components in a subscription model, is excited to welcome Scott Alcott as the newest member of its Board of Directors. Alcott, an award-winning C-level executive and technology innovator and catalyst, will guide TenFour in its vision for the IT industry.

Alcott most recently acted as the CIO of Comcast Cable from 2012-2018. In his tenure at the $80 billion telecom and media company, Alcott transformed Comcast’s technology to make it a powerful competitor in the digital age. Only the second CIO in Comcast’s 35-year history, Alcott had to overcome legacy software and tools while overseeing 1,500 full-time employees and leading the infrastructure, operations, development, engineering, and lifecycle management of all IT services enabling corporate and HR systems.

Other past positions include CTO of Belgacom, a Belgium based telecom company, and General Manager of Marketing for Ameritech Corporation, now AT&T. Alcott has also served on upwards of a dozen Board of Directors and holds two U.S. Patents.

"The best CIOs have already handed over day-to-day management of many compute, storage, software development platforms, and other 'engine room' functions to multi-tenant, IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS specialists," said Alcott. "But, a large part of a CIO’s ecosystem still remains 'uncloudified': routers, switches, wireless access points, firewalls, IP phones and IoT devices hang on the network in exploding numbers. TenFour’s unique offering allows us to address these remaining parts of the IT ecosystem that have not yet been 'cloudified.' We pull in all of this disparate infrastructure into a reference architecture, actively monitor and manage the full lifecycle through a single control plane and deliver it all as an SLA-based end-to-end service. I’m excited to join the TenFour Board of Directors as they help today’s CIOs 'cloudify' the remaining part of their ecosystem allowing them to focus entirely on transforming their enterprises and customer experiences."

With the visionary mind of Scott Alcott, TenFour is excited to continue paving the path towards the future while helping CIOs focus on their greatest digital transformation efforts.


TenFour believes that IT should just work and wants IT leaders and organizations to focus on innovation instead of boxes and wires. That's why TenFour builds exceptional, private domain, global IT infrastructures that are simpler, have fewer defects, and cost less to operate. TenFour delivers IT just like power or water utilities, where the customer pays only for what is used. It is a less complicated model for IT that positions IT leaders to redefine their resources and drive business priorities. TenFour creates a fearless and honor-driven environment that empowers their employees, customers, and partners to reimagine IT to ignite innovation in the Digital Age.