TenFour CEO, Bruce Flitcroft, Give Keynote at SIM CIO Conference

DALLAS, TX – April 14th, 2018 – – On Thursday, April 12th, TenFour CEO Bruce Flitcroft presented a General Session Keynote at SIM Connect Live in Dallas, Texas. SIM Connect Live is an annual conference hosted by the Society for Information Management (SIM) that intends to bring IT leaders together in a collaborative, interactive environment. Through roundtable sessions, facilitated conversations, and networking events, IT leaders are invited to discuss challenges, opportunities, and innovation.

Flitcroft’s keynote, entitled “How to Win the Digital Race with Consumption Economics,” explored how new technologies in the digital age are transforming customer experiences. He explained how those companies that win and excel in this age are those who are willing to change their point of view and transform their organization from the ground up.

Flitcroft’s presentation challenged business leaders to examine if they are poised to be winners or losers and asked if the way they’re consuming technology is transforming their business or holding it back. Through six easy steps, including AI, Virtualized Infrastructure and Cyber Security, Flitcroft explained how business leaders can transform their enterprises in the next six months and position themselves as leaders in the digital race.

Members of TenFour’s leadership team are often featured as keynote speakers at a variety of business and technology conferences across the US. Follow TenFour on social media @tenfourIT to see where they will appear next. Organizations interested in working with TenFour should contact press@tenfour.com to schedule Flitcroft or others to speak at industry events.

About TenFour

TenFour believes that IT should just work and wants IT leaders and organizations to focus on innovation instead of boxes and wires. That's why TenFour builds exceptional, private domain, global IT infrastructures that are simpler, have fewer defects, and cost less to operate. TenFour delivers IT just like power or water utilities, where the customer pays only for what is used. It is a less complicated model for IT that positions IT leaders to redefine their resources and drive business priorities. TenFour creates a fearless and honor-driven environment that empowers their employees, customers, and partners to reimagine IT to ignite innovation in the Digital Age. For more information, visit www.tenfour.com.



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