Alliant Rolls out Premium Based Infrastructure Services to Meet Client Demand


Morristown, NJ - May 17, 2012- Industry trends show that customers have changed a portion of their IT spend to an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) consumption model.  Public cloud infrastructure has not produced the silver bullet to IT efficiency.  Complex hybrid models are proliferating.  In response to this shift, Alliant Technologies has rolled out several offerings allowing premise-based infrastructure to be purchased and managed as a service.  This exciting development allows Alliant’s customers to transition significantly more of their IT infrastructure to an IaaS model. 

With growing demand and interest from customers, Alliant has been re-allocating resources to better deliver IaaS offers.  As more clients explore the new consumption model, Alliant predicts an industry wide expansion of IT infrastructure with a decline in VAR-type transactions while customers embrace usage based consumption models.

“The demand shift has been faster and more robust than we originally anticipated,” said Bruce Flitcroft, Alliant founder and CEO.  “We are positioning our resources and assets to meet this new demand.  For example, more engineering resources are being deployed and allocated to deliver services through our Operations Center as interest and demand in services like Proactive Configuration Management™, SmartUC™, and SmartWatch™ increase.”

Through these Alliant services, the extensive engineering resources of Alliant Technologies are available to all clients on-demand.  These highly advanced services bear little resemblance to traditional monitoring and help desk services that customers have been accustomed to in the past.  This IaaS model is more impactful to customers and more efficient for Alliant. 

Alliant’s IaaS offerings have been designed to be different from those available throughout the industry today to include private cloud and premise based infrastructure.  These evolutionary services can provide the flexibility and efficiency of an as-a-service model, yet increase the high touch and technical competency that most utility service providers still lack.

Press Contact:
Katie Patterson
Alliant Technologies

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