CEO Spotlight: Q&A with Alliant CEO, Bruce Flitcroft


Morristown, NJ - July 8, 2011 - In the second edition of our “Spotlight Series” – an inside look into Alliant management perspectives – the spotlight is on Alliant’s CEO, Bruce Flitcroft.  Bruce is the founder of Alliant and it was through his leadership as President that Alliant has been able to thrive over the past thirteen years.  Since handing over the day-to-day operational activities as well as the title of President to Mike Pastor, Bruce’s recent focus has been on strategic CEO initiatives.  We recently sat down with Bruce to get a little history lesson on the evolution of Alliant and his vision for the future.

Q:  As the visionary behind Alliant’s direction, what do you see for the future of Alliant Technologies and Alliant Managed Services?

A: It’s an exciting time in the market.  There are so many good changes – the old model how companies consume IT products and services has become outdated.  It’s become too expensive, too inflexible and demands too many corporate assets and resources.  With the technology advances in the last decade, we’ve been able to see cloud computing, virtualization and other technologies emerge to create new models for how companies consume IT.  Alliant Technologies, who has always been regarded as an excellent IT integrator with deep technical experience, expertise, knowledge and customer service, has had an opportunity in the last few years to reinvent how we deliver services.  During the first couple years when the market was feeling its way through the consumption model and how companies buy these services, Alliant was there going through the same testing and practice and now we’ve emerged with a clear vision of the most efficient and effective market model.  It’s clearly a hybrid cloud centralized model for IT operations.  Now companies can outsource their network infrastructure to third parties and still maintain a lot of core control.  That’s really the premise behind the future of Alliant.  We’re starting to reinvent our operations to really be a component of our clients’ IT operations.  They can seamlessly hand off certain aspects, roles and responsibilities of technology support to Alliant so that we become part of their IT staff.  In the past this was always a consulting model that didn’t allow for the real customer contact and service that companies always desired.  We need to be integrated into their culture and concerned with their business issues and technology problems every minute of every day real time.  In the next few years, Alliant will be connected to our clients in a way that we never have been before.  We’ll be connected by using the video and collaborative tools that we’ve been designing and implementing for years so that we can extend the customer office and operation centers to become one dynamic single team within a visible environment that has no boundaries.  The employees on both sides will be one team using the collaboration and virtualization technologies that we’ve been working with for the last three to four years.  The gains in speed and efficiency are considerable. 

To foster and really cultivate this sort of cultural change, we’re doing everything from redesigning and rebuilding our offices, to changing the technologies on people’s desks, to really changing how we engage and interact with our customers so that we can create this interactive and collaborative culture which really breaths energy.   We’re not just creating a more enjoyable place to work, but we’re breeding productivity.  That’s part of the promise of collaborative and hybrid cloud computing – there’s an enormous improved productivity with reduced capital expense.  Most of the models in the market today lack the human aspect.  At Alliant, we care about our client’s business running on their IT infrastructure.  We don’t want to lose that human interaction and contact that’s part of the way Alliant does business with our clients.  

Q:  How did Alliant come into existence as an engineering company?

A:  Alliant Technologies, Inc. was founded in May of 1998 and began operations August 4, 1998.  There were 18 employees/founders in 1998 - 15 of which were engineers.  In January of 2000 Alliant reincorporated as an LLC and acquired the assets of Integrated Cabling Solution, Inc. (ICS) and reincorporating that as an LLC as well.

Q:  What was the initial goal/direction of the company?  What were the first types of projects completed?

A: For the first three years in business Alliant was almost 100% a professional services engineering firm.  Most of our projects were building large scalable web infrastructure, building private VPN’s and to some extent MPLS feasibility studies.  Then came the dot com bust in 2001 and we diversified our services adding resale product lines to become a full service integrator.  We began doing a wider array of smaller projects including many data center migrations.  At this time we partnered with ATT and Cisco to build out IPT / VOIP solutions.

Q:  How did Alliant evolve into its current partner relationships (i.e., Cisco, NetApp, VMware, AT&T) – why did you choose those partners?

A:  We strongly embraced a strategy of partnering with only one technology provider in each area to build solutions so that we could develop significant depth of intellectual property around the solutions we were developing.  The key was choosing the vendor with the best “overall” technology set in each area.  

Q:  How did Alliant evolve into providing a Managed Services offering?

A: In 2002 we began a focused effort to build and develop a professional sales force.  Up until that point, all sales were based on reference selling.  In 2005 we set out to move to a full lifecycle provider which meant the development of Day 2 or post implementation operations services.  We launched Aware [Alliant’s managed helpdesk offering] in 2005 and Drawbridge [Alliant’s two-factor authentication management service] in 2006.  In 2007 we expanded into the Massachusetts market.  By the end of 2007 we decided the future of Alliant would be centered around Managed Services.

Want to learn more about the future and culture of Alliant?  Stay tuned in to our website to see a video of highlights from Bruce’s interview as well as videos from other members of Alliant’s management team.  Check it out

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