A revolutionary service calls for an extraordinary team.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Our entire TenFour team is made up of an honorable and fearless group of innovators who refuse to settle for good enough.

We’re encouraged to challenge the status quo and find a better way. This leadership team understands that we can accomplish greatness - especially when given the freedom to use our skills and surprise ourselves with boundless ideas.

Bruce Flitcroft

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Meet Bruce

Bruce Flitcroft
Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Bruce is TenFour’s founder and CEO, but he’s not just a leader in the industry; he’s leading the way to redefining it. He has a vision that IT leaders should be focused on the data and applications that are making our world a better place.

In a time where business can often be over-complicated and inefficient, Bruce is forging forward with his vision of fearless innovation.

Some facts we bet you didn’t know about Bruce:
Three things Bruce believes…
  • Without a strong daily adherence to honor and courage, greatness is impossible. Fame is another matter entirely.
  • Humans naturally organize into families, companies and societies for the primary purpose to make the world better. This is the key to our evolution and why I have such an optimistic view of the future.
  • Monty Python and the Holy Grail is the funniest movie ever made.
His biggest pet peeve is…

Absolute conclusions derived from a singular perspective. It amounts to mental laziness.

If Bruce could have dinner with any three people, they’d be…

Genghis Khan, assuming I survive through dessert. Thomas Jefferson, to ask if we really understand what our founding fathers intended, and Richard Branson, just because he seems like he would be a lot of fun over dinner.

Mike Funk

Chief Operating Officer

Meet Mike

Mike Funk
Chief Operating Officer

As TenFour’s Chief Operating Officer, Mike drives the execution of our vision with his inspirational leadership style, unwavering honor, and extraordinary passion for innovation. Mike’s years working with AT&T, the US Senate and many start-ups have built a career focused on linking the worlds of technology and finance in order to create business models that drive organizational growth.

Some facts we bet you didn’t know about Mike:
His favorite part of coming to work every day…

What I'm doing now is what I wanted to do when I was in college - help small tech companies grow and thrive - combine financial and technology together to successfully grow businesses. That was my mission and I get to do that every day here. We're breaking the mold and changing an industry and I get to do that with people I like, trust and enjoy working with.

When he was a little kid, Mike wanted to be…

An astronomer - at age 14, I was the youngest key carrying operator at Sperry Observatory at Union County College.

Mike’s biggest fear…

After being defeated on the football field, Vince Lombardi once said “We didn’t lose the game. We just ran out of time.” My biggest fear is running out of time to accomplish all the things I want to accomplish in life.

Gary Finkel

Chief Financial Officer

Meet Gary

Gary Finkel
Chief Financial Officer

Gary is a founding principal in Alliant/TenFour. As our Chief Financial Officer, he manages all financial aspects of the organization with unwavering honor and integrity. Gary is committed to driving accuracy and simplicity in our billing process as a means to provide an exemplary customer experience.

Some facts we bet you didn’t know about Gary:
Gary’s hero is…

His grandfather. He didn’t speak any English when he came to America, worked hard to build a career and family and lived to 100 years old.

His first job was…

I pumped gas during the first gas crisis in the early 70s.

Gary’s proudest accomplishment…

My family.

Dan Nacinovich

Chief Revenue Officer

Meet Dan

Dan Nacinovich
Chief Revenue Officer

As TenFour’s CRO, Dan is a critical force in growing TenFour’s business. He builds partnerships with customers to ensure we do the right thing for them at every turn. Dan brings his leadership experience from industry giants like SalesForce.com, CentryLink, Yext and Deloitte to guide our team and drive solutions that enable our customers to grow and differentiate in the Digital Age.

A former collegiate hockey player at the University of Michigan, Dan currently takes great pride in giving back to local Tier 1 New Jersey youth hockey club programs and at the community level. Dan enjoys building team values and concepts that lead to winning - the right way, always! Dan holds a Bachelor's Degree in Economics from the University of Michigan and a Master's Degree in Business Administration from Columbia University Global School of Business.

Some facts we bet you didn’t know about Dan:
Dan’s proudest accomplishment is…

My family, their core values and teaching them about integrity and how to treat people the right way.

If he had to go back in time, the era he would return to is…

The 50s seemed like a ton of fun in America. Of course I’m going to say that; I grew up in Detroit with an appreciation for muscle cars and horsepower!

If Dan could have dinner with any 3 people, living or dead, they would be…
  • Carl Sagan - He had a profound vision of the future, he believed that Science is not only compatible with spirituality; it is a profound source of spirituality!
  • My deceased grandparents - They paved the way for the values that I hold dear.
  • Jordan Peterson - He believes in personal accountability and I appreciate his 12 rules.

Doug Place

SVP, Operations
Meet Doug

Doug Place
SVP, Operations Engineering

Doug Place is our Senior Vice President of Operations. Doug drives the strategic, innovative direction of our world-class, 24x7x365 US-based Global Network Operations Center (NOC) and Operations Engineering team. Doug dedicated 30 years of his career to Verizon, where he kept innovation at the forefront of everything he did. Now he’s driving innovation for TenFour’s customers.

Some facts we bet you didn’t know about Doug:
Doug believes…

TenFour is the most innovative company I have seen during my +30 years in the industry.

Doug’s proudest accomplishmen ist…

Bringing the first Public Network High Speed Switched Data (45 Mbs) trial to North America in 1989.

Doug’s vision for the future of IT infrastructure…

OSI layers 1-4 will become standard utilized offerings with the real opportunity in managing application efficiency across the network.

Sonia Spicehandler

VP, Human Resourcecs
Meet Sonia

Sonia Spicehandler
VP, Human Resources

Sonia fearlessly leads our TenFour employees as VP Human Resources. She is committed to ensuring that our employees come first and creates a fearless and honor-driven environment that empowers our team. Sonia has a history of delivering innovative and pragmatic solutions to shape culture in technology and entrepreneurial environments, which makes her well-suited for success with TenFour. Through managing spectacular benefits, onboarding fresh talent, and a constant push for a modern office culture, Sonia leads our entire team to be happy, hardworking innovators!

Some facts about Sonia:
Her hero is…

My grandfather. He was a mechanical engineer and very special person.He was an innovator and embraced new technology - he lived to be 101 and purchased the latest camera, laptop, iPad, and cell phone!

The most fearless thing she's ever done is…

Zip lining in a Costa Rican rain forest.

If she had to go back in time, the era she's return to is…

The Roaring Twenties. There were so many inventions like the refrigerator and penicillin that we cannot live without today. Women’s dresses and accessories transformed and, most importantly, I would love to see Manhattan in the 20’s to see how it has transformed.

Matt Jonson

VP, Design Engineering
Meet Matt

Matt Jonson
VP, Design Engineering

As Vice President, Design Engineering, Matt leads TenFour’s team of engineers that design world class technology solutions for our customers. This includes building and supporting our Reference Architectures, as well as driving our Catalyst practice. As a former Captain of the US Air Force, Matt is no stranger to personifying TenFour’s values of honor, fearlessness and innovation.

Some facts about Matt:
His favorite part about coming to TenFour everyday is…

Seeing that I am making a difference.

When I was a kid I wanted to be…

A fireman. (My mom has a story that I wanted to be a garbage man, but I don’t entirely believe her!)

My hero is…

The soldiers that have died in service to our country.

Sabrina Porter

Corporate Counsel

Meet Sabrina

Sabrina Porter
Corporate Counsel

As our in-house Corporate Counsel, Sabrina focuses her talent and energy on all things legal - from negotiating, writing and executing agreements and contracts to developing policies on industry-specific issues, corporate governance and regulations. Sabrina is more than just an excellent lawyer, she’s our business-savvy advisor on a range of issues and strategies including public policy, ethics, and risk.

Some facts we bet you didn’t know about Sabrina:
If she could have dinner with any three people, living or dead, they would be…

My Grandfather Dr. Rudolph Hannibal Porter, Great Uncle Dr. Samuel Milton, and cousin Dr. John Loomis. All were pioneers in the medical field during their time making history by owning and operating one of the few African American hospitals in Michigan, Sumby Hospital, and becoming the first African American intern at Harper Hospital in Michigan.

When she was a little kid, she wanted to be…

Judge Judy! My mother watched her faithfully during my childhood, and I loved how she exhibited feminine strength, power, and excellence.

The most fearless thing she’s ever done was…

Skydive! It was a great experience, but I doubt I’d be able to convince myself to do it again. One less item off of my bucket list.

Customer Success & Lifecycle

At TenFour, we’re transforming the IT Industry in order to make our customers as successful as possible in the Digital Age. Our Customer Success & Lifecycle Executives (CLE) are responsible for guiding customer through their own transformations by serving as advocates and strategic partners to our client executive teams. Our CLEs hold TenFour and its partners accountable for delivering the service levels, business results and customer experience promised.

Because we don't think there's ever a time to stop improving or holding ourselves accountable for doing what we say.

Jessica Carroll

VP, Customer Success & Lifecycle
Meet Jessica

Jessica Carroll
VP, Customer Success & Lifecycle

Jessica is a well-known and sought after speaker and thought leader in the technology industry. She is a Fellow at the Institute for Digital Transformation and a recipient of the Computer World Premier 100 IT Leader Award. Jessica is passionate about leading the industry into the Digital Age, which is exactly what she does here at TenFour.

Some facts we bet you didn’t know about Jessica:
Three things Jessica believes…
  • Change is energizing, even if uncomfortable
  • Disruption breeds new opportunities
  • Listening is an art
Her hero is…

My dad. He left behind a vibrant legacy of how strength is found in kindness, how sincerity is more valuable than possessions, and how putting others before yourself is an honor.

If Jessica had to go back in time, the era Jessica would return to is…

Medieval England, but not during the plague of the late 1300’s!

Joe Quinlan

Customer Success & Lifecycle Executive
Meet Joe

Joe Quinlan
Customer Success & Lifecycle Executive

Joe’s no stranger to leading IT transformation, so it made perfect sense when he joined the TenFour revolution. He has a history of global IT leadership and digital transformation with companies like NBCUniversal, KPMG & Pearson where his IT architecture and problem solving skills resulted in huge savings and process improvements. Now, as a TenFour Service Operations Executive, he’s delivering similar results for TenFour’s clients.

Some facts we bet you didn’t know about Joe:
Joe believes…
  1. My wife is always right (she was looking over my shoulder when I was writing on this!)
  2. Everyone should have the rights we enjoy in the United States of America.
When I was a little kid I wanted to be…

A rock star. We were at my family vacation home in Bethel, NY when Woodstock hit. It sparked a passion for music in me.

Joe’s role in the IT revolution TenFour started…

Creating a better future for our clients.