We’re revolutionizing IT delivery to ignite innovation in the Digital Age.

We build IT right.

Our solutions position IT leaders to redefine their resources and drive business priorities. We create a fearless and honor-driven environment that empowers our employees, customers and partners to reimagine IT.

Our Values


We act with honesty and integrity, seek what is best for our customers, and take responsibility for our actions. We know that our word and handshake are enough.


We challenge the status quo, take smart risks and do what we think is right – even when the rest of the market is doing something very different.


We think boldly and differently, look for better ways of doing things, and operate on the leading edge with transformative, dependable solutions.

We may be doing something unique in the industry, but this isn’t our first rodeo.

We’re kind of like a start-up, but with a deep history defined by our values: honor, innovation and fearlessness.


Alliant Technologies Founded

We were founded by a group of engineers who built a strong reputation for solving hard problems in complex IT environments.



Industry Recognition

We won all kinds of awards from the biggest and best industry players who recognize our innovation and focus on delivering superior service to our customers.



Network Operations Center Added

Established 24x7x365 U.S.-based Network Operations Center (NOC).



IT Infrastructure Revolution Begins

The IT infrastructure industry was broken and unprepared for IoT & the Digital Age.We knew there had to be a better way that generated real business value for our customers so we charted a new path for the IT industry.




Launch of Continuous Infrastructure Service (CIS) (now TenFour IT Infrastructure Utility) and first major global brand customer.



Red Forge Launch

Spun off Red Forge, the R&D company designing the utility services TenFour brings to market today.



New Corporate HQ

Upgraded to a state-of-the-art office in Morristown, NJ that reflects our brand and teamwork environment and is home to our 24x7x365 NOC.



Market Adoption

Over 20 customers (and counting!) agree that this is the path forward in order to win in the Digital Age.



Alliant is Now TenFour

New name reflects our brand promise to our customers. We heard our customer’s frustrations with the IT industry, saw the future and developed solutions to address both. Message Received. We’ve got it.


What Does "It Just Works" Mean?

We say "It just works" all the time.

You might be asking what does that even mean? Here's how we came up with it and what it means for you.

There are three things you never have enough of: time, people and budget. As an IT innovator, you probably have a long list of projects you’d like to tackle that make your company grow and make you the boardroom rockstar. But so often, you’re stuck fixing boxes and wires instead of truly innovating.

We started asking IT leaders, “wouldn’t it be nice if IT just worked?” What if you could stop spending so much time and resources fixing IT issues and focus on innovation instead—or perhaps, focus on your life outside of the office?

We want to be the company that gets people home for dinner. We want you to have more time to golf, to attend school events, to make your company money. You get to be the hero at home and at the office.

That’s why we deliver IT that just works.

With TenFour, you don’t have to worry about keeping your environment up and running optimally. You don’t have to worry about updating your technology or administering your network.

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