Enterprise success depends on innovations that transform industries…These applications and tools—once considered disruptive—are now the new normal. TenFour’s IT Infrastructure utility simplifies the IT procurement model. As a utility, TenFour owns the infrastructure and makes it work.
– William Fellows, 451 Research

William Fellows speaks about the value of TenFour’s IT Infrastructure Utility model.

William Fellows is the Co-Founder and Vice President of Research for 451 Research. He was instrumental in the creation of the 451 Research early adopter research program, which first identified and tracked various early adopter markets, such as cloud computing and virtualization.

TenFour recently sat down with Fellows to discuss the future of the IT industry.

Is the IT Infrastructure Utility a Viable Path Forward for the IT Industry?
How can IT organizations better manage infrastructure risk?
How can enterprises choose the right partner?

Read William Fellows' research report behind the videos.

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