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We deliver IT infrastructure that just works. We don't just build and operate it, we own it. We deliver IT in a similar way to a power or water utility: you only pay for what you use. No, we are not a Cloud company. We deliver all those core private domain platforms that have not been "cloudified," such as routers, switches and wireless access points, IP phones and IoT devices. And we deliver it at a lower cost, with fewer defects and with more flexibility to adapt to the changing demands of your business. As the IT leader, you now have an army behind you.

Our TenFour IT Infrastructure Utility (TenFour) delivers IT Units, similar to BTUs of gas or kWh of electricity. Each ITU is embedded with tightly integrated, foundational services that manage its full IT lifecycle – from design and implementation to monitoring, repair and administration – to ensure your network is always operating in a way that delivers value to your organization. We start with a Catalyst study to determine the business value we will deliver and the right roadmap to make your company more agile, have lower operating costs, and most importantly, give you the tools you need to become a competitive digital organization. The remaining foundational services, Gear, Beacon, Gearsmith and Sync, provide one integrated service experience to make sure your IT just works. The result is an agile IT underpinning to enable you to drive innovation in the Digital Age.

TenFour IT Infrastructure Utility Embedded Services


A study that enables us to understand your business goals, perform a technology assessment of your current state and create a roadmap for the future that ties to measurable business outcomes.

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Pre-selected and tested hardware, software, telecom and physical infrastructure delivered as a utility service with built-in technology refresh at zero cost to you.

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24x7x365 remote monitoring, network mapping, ticket creation and network inspection.

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Day 2 system changes and proactive maintenance implemented quickly so operations sync with business needs.

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Hard-working teams of experts, remote and onsite, that act fast and make things right again.

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24x7x365 remote application monitoring and application inspection to provide a closer and sharper view of your business-critical applications.



Fully managed, private domain, dedicated hosting environments to get you up and running fast.

"IT networks need the cloud treatment badly, but until now they haven’t been able to 'cloudify' their infrastructure. TenFour presents a radical approach to improving IT organizations by offering a modern as-a-service style model that extends across the network and positions IT leaders to focus on the digital transformation needed to grow their business.”
Carl Brooks, 451 Research Analyst

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Business leaders are constantly making demands of the IT department, but they rarely ask what the IT department needs in order to evolve. That's where we come in.

We asked. We've got you covered.


We measure for Total Cost of Ownership, increased reliability and agility using real metrics.

IT As a Utility

We own it. You only pay for what you use. Similar to kWH and BTUs, we deliver ITUs –IT Units with the entire lifecycle services embedded. This means greater flexibility to respond to your business with improved speed and predictability.

Technology Refresh Leads to Improved Security

Our validated Reference Architectures are radically simplified to remove defects and enhance security posture. Avoid technology debt with a proactive refresh of the parts of IT infrastructure others have not “cloudified,” including antennas, wiring and IoT elements.

Shared RIsk and Greater Agility

We’re in this together. No more bearing all the financial, technical and operational risk. Since you can turn the service off and on, you finally get the agility to have your IT respond to the changes in your business.

A Single IT Partner With Real SLAs

We give you a real SLA with a true time to repair from root cause to resolution. We provide a single point of contact and accountability – when it breaks it’s really our problem.

Greater Visibility With Embedded Tools

No need to buy a dozen different software packages and associated maintenance. Our 24x7x365 US-based NOC manages across your network and offers co-management so you have access to all the embedded data collection tools for reporting and full read/write access and control.

Don't be limited by the Cloud. All your core infrastructure – from routers, switches and firewalls to phones, WiFi and cameras – needs to just work so you can focus on innovation.


Wide Area Network
As the network continues to extend outward, we connect your business and endpoints for an optimized customer experience.


Local Area Network
Power the environment where your innovation happens.


Unified Communications and Collaboration
Collaborate from anywhere to accelerate innovation and productivity.


Data Center
A location-agnostic approach to optimizing power, computing and storage.


Network Security
Dedicated, private domain infrastructures and connectivity based on rigorously tested Reference Architectures that enhance security posture by minimizing surface attack areas.


Physical Infrastructure
You need a solid foundation, from the copper wiring, fiber optics and distribution racks to the cabinets, antennae, IP cameras, power conditioning and LEC street connections.


Global brand food manufacturer decreased annual TCO by 30%

This global manufacturer was operating five major product segments with disparate networks and end-of-life infrastructure. The company had exceeded the capacity of its Wide Area Network (WAN), leading to a very inconsistent user experience. In addition to performance challenges, the unnecessarily complex WAN was labor-intensive and expensive to manage because it had been built as multiple, separate networks. We started by replacing five disparate and undersized WANs with a high performance, integrated global network that doubled available bandwidth. Deployment time was reduced from two months to two weeks. Their annual TCO decreased by 30%, which made room for 12 new application roll-outs.

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Wondering how you'll get there? It depends where you're starting. Don't worry – we have a path for you.

You have
existing hardware
but it is not
reference architecture compliant
Transitional Managed Services

We leave your existing infrastructure in place until it is depreciated. Then, we migrate it to our IT Infrastructure Utility.

You still own it, but we operate it for you.

You have
existing hardware
And it is
reference architecture compliant

We transfer title, upgrade the infrastructure and move it into our IT Infrastructure Utility model. Your environment will be proactively refreshed – say goodbye to EoL.

We now own it and we operate it.

Your Hardware is
End-of-Life (EoL)
or your sites
are greenfield

We replace your current infrastructure with our IT Infrastructure Utility according to phases defined in the Catalyst roadmap. Your environment will be proactively refreshed – say goodbye to EOL.

We install ours and we operate it.

What do you do next?

You start with Catalyst, a study that quantifies the business value we will provide and charts a roadmap for migration.


We conduct an independent study of the current state of your IT infrastructure and operations. We compare this with you future IT needs — captured during a series of business and technological workshops — and appropriate Reference Architecture.

We quantify the business value we will deliver. What is our TCO impact? What flexibility and agility can you expect? What operational benefits will we deliver? We want to make sure we are delivering value. If we find we can’t save you money or make a substantive impact, you get to keep the current state findings and analysis.

We create a roadmap tailored to you. Our roadmap gets you to improved cost of ownership, agility and reliability. We measure them to show progress on all three.

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