Alliant is Now TenFour

We are very pleased to announce that effective April 24th, Alliant Technologies is now TenFour.

We’ve worked hard to transform our vision of an IT infrastructure utility into a reality. We’ve added new features and capabilities that are changing the rules of the game—back in favor of the enterprise. Our model is so dramatically different that we needed a name to express the new customer experience we are delivering.

Our new TenFour brand brilliantly aligns with our vision of a world where IT infrastructure just works and IT leaders can stop spending so much time, budget and people keeping the lights on.

We know this is the future of IT infrastructure.

We heard you when you said you wanted simpler, more reliable solutions that drive your business growth.

Message received.

We’ve got this. TenFour.

There is no change in ownership and no change in staff. Our office location, phone, and fax numbers will remain the same as below. Our email and website extensions have been updated to reflect our new, strong brand.

With 20 years of business presence in the industry, we look forward to continuing to grow, serving you and supporting your success in the global market under our new name. Should you have any questions about this name change, please don’t hesitate to reach out to any of us at TenFour.

Want more details? Get in touch by calling us at 973.267.5236 or emailing us at Need to FAX? Yes, we still have a FAX number and it has not changed: 973.267.5237.

We’d love to see you. Come for a visit at our headquarters at 360 Mt. Kemble Avenue in Morristown, NJ.
    360 Mt. Kemble Avenue
    Morristown, NJ 07960
    +1 973 267 5236